How to start living a healthy lifestyle

How to start living a healthy lifestyle

I decided to change my life one year ago . I had a health problem and I realized how important is to build a healthy routine.

I have never done any exercise, I’m active but I don’t like go to the gym, to be honest!

When I started going to the gym it was hard for me. The first three months I always looked for an excuse not to go to the gym, the most difficult thing is to get into a routine. It didn’t last long, three months later I tried going to different activities to find which one was better for me.

I can say I now have a sports routine that I enjoy now. I love to start my days doing Yoga and Pilates and I do Zumba two times per week as well. These healthy routines are changing my body and my energy and I feel a lot better now.

I have now found that the best way to start my day is with an Ayem breakfast bowl! After doing exercise I usually eat one on the go!AYEM is a breakfast bowl made with protein and omega 3 DHA and there are available in three flavors: Smooth Almond Blend (comes with a yummy fruit & nut toppings), Blueberry and Almond and seeds and Pear Apple and Almond and seeds.

So delicious and healthy!!Each bowl I eat contains Omega 3 DHA to support the maintenance of my brain function (each bowl has the recommended amount of omega 3 DHA ) and proteins to contribute to the maintenance of my muscle mass, tendons, ligaments, skin and hair.

And easy to buy them!! You can buy the AYEM bowls on because I’m always too busy to go shopping, so this works for anyone!


Written in collaboration with Ayem Breakfast.

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One Fits All by Benetton

One Fits All by Benetton
Muchas veces me preguntáis por ropa para hacer deporte,hay una línea muy cómoda “One Fits All” de Benetton. Esta línea es perfecta como ropa interior por su comodidad y elasticidad, pero también se puede utilizar para nuestras clases de yoga o pilates.
Es una línea muy cómoda gracias a la mezcla de algodón natural superfino con fibra de elastómero.Las prendas se adaptan perfectamente al cuerpo y son muy ligeras. Además, hay una gran variedad de colores para poder hacer diferentes combinaciones.
Os animáis a probar la nueva línea One Fits All?? Yo la he probado ya en clase de Bodybalance en el gimnasio Virgin Active ;))