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    Shopping experience at Bicester Village

    Hello !! How is it doing ? I has started my week so excited preparing a lot …

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    MBFWM #SomosSmartGirl at Fashion Week

    I’m back in London after enjoying another Fashion Week with Hello.com magazine as …

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    Viktor & Rolf Christmas experience

    Christmas is coming and I had the oportunity to spent time enjoying an unforgettable Viktor &…

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    My time with Olivia Burton London

    Every moment is unique and I love to enjoy my time organizing a thousand plans! …

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  • My experience trying a2 Milk

    My experience trying a2 Milk

    Today I want to share an experience with you because I’m sure many of you have the same problem that I had. I have always had experience bloating when I drink regular milk so I decided to change my regular milk brand to a2 Milk. I feel so much better! My digestion is good and I have no swelling. If you have had experience bloating when you drink regular milk then you may as well find it goes away when you switch to a2 Milk, as it is void of the A1 protein that can cause these problems.

    My work as a blogger is very intense, I am working and traveling all day and it is very important for me to feel good about my health. This year I started with new purposes to have a healthier lifestyle. I have changed my milk, my food, and I have proposed to go to the gym three times a week.

    How important it is to feel better, when you change what does not feel right. I always need to have a lot of energy and feel good to develop my work!

    I love my work but it’s crazy because every day is different and I do not stop . I have a lot of work from my office, shootings , events that I have to attend, trips to collaborate with brands that I work and every day I think about new content to share with you.

    Working as an influencer is a dream but it is very important to take care of yourself to feel good and that is why I love sharing with you everything I do to be healthy . You can follow me on my social networks @necklaceofpearl to see more !

    Regarding a2 Milk It is important that you know that it is not suitable for people with cows’ milk protein allergy . Be careful about this! It is a milk easy to digest if you have problems to digest other milks that you drink. I am waiting for your experiences about this! I would like to know if you have the same problem that I had it. #a2Milk #ad #easytodigest

    My experience trying a2 Milk lifestyle uk