Although we are already enjoying spring in London we still have days with cold and rain. The good thing about having these days is wearing my pastel rainbow puffa!! Pauli is wearing this cute rainbow sweater to shine these days 🙂




Spring is my favorite season of  the year!! Although we are living a difficult situation because of the coronavirus and we cannot be enjoying these little things that make us happy as the arrival of spring and I think it is important to stay positive and continue enjoying the positive vibes that life gives us.

During these days it makes me happy to dress in bright colors, that’s why pink has become an essential to elevate my mood. Today I wearing this PINK CASHMERE CARDIGAN(You can shop this cardigan HERE)with my fav heart earrings from SORU collection.

POPSKI LONDON CASHMERE CARDIGAN thefashionbugblog street style


Matchy-Matchy with my baby wearing this Ralph Lauren flag jumper

Matchy-Matchy with my baby wearing this Ralph Lauren flag jumper ralph lauren flag emblematic jumper street style

I remember this Ralph Lauren flag jumper was one of my favorites during when I was teenager . It was a very special sweater that I have kept for twenty years because it has always been very special and right now it is much more special because I can wear it matchy-matchy with my baby Nico. I am so excited buying some clothes and accessory just like I buy my baby, and I will share more outfits together !!

Recuerdo que este jersey de Ralph Lauren fue uno de mis favoritos durante mi adolescencia. Fue un jersey muy especial que he guardado durante veinte años porque siempre ha sido muy especial y ahora mismo es mucho más especial porque lo puedo llevar igual que Nico. Me hace mucha ilusión poder comprar alguna prenda o accesorio igual que le compro a mi bebé , ya compartiré más outfits juntos!!


How to wear a denim leather jacket

 how to wear a denim leather jacket

This post has been written by me and is sponsored by Replay Jeans

I am so happy to share one of my firsts walks with my baby Nico!! A few days after having my baby I went to a restaurant to have lunch in family. I chose this outfit to go in comfy style but I can´t resist to wear my heels again after my pregnancy

To be honest this is my favorite look to wear every day: a leather jacket, a basic white t-shirt, a jeans and heels. I could wear this outfit every day!!


If you are wondering how to wear a denim leather jacket this is the best way in my opinion, but this Replay one goes with everything!!

I love wearing this type of garment with dresses!! How amazing is to wear a feminine dress with sneakers to go in comfy style or with heels to be glamorous.

 how to wear a denim leather jacket

If you like my outfit, this is the place where to find Replay jackets: here you can find mine or many other among you can chose to fit better your style.

Another stunning way to wear an item of clothing like this is a total leather outfit in black!! Leather trousers o a LBD in leather are the best options you can chose to make this style really rock!

If you would like to get an original British Style, here you can find some ideas to wear this jacket in London!!

Military boots are the key for the perfect UK style!! My favorite combination is made by military boots, a dress and a leather jacket.  As an alternative, which is as British as the first one, I suggest to match it with leggins, boots, oversize jumper and a big hat!!

Fall and winter are the best time of the year to wear this kind of jackets in different styles to go everywhere!!


Nevertheless you cannot underestimate the importance of accessories if you want to have a great and unique style.

Your outfit can change depending on which accessories you choose. I love matching my leather jacket with hats, scarfs, belts, shoes, bags … And with all these different pieces a leather jacket is always a good idea!!

But, back to the essential… if you are questioning yourself about the perfect match with shoes, you must already know that my favorite are heels! But this outfit goes with everything,


What´s in my Hospital baby bag?

what´s in my hospital baby bag?

My baby was born on the 21st of October after a very long birth I could have my cute baby Nicolas in my arms.

Mi bebé nació el pasado 12 de Octubre después de un parto muy largo que por suerte acabó en parto natural , con mucho esfuerzo , y por fin pude tener a mi precioso Nicolás en mis  brazos.

Antes de que naciera estaba muy nerviosa pensando cómo sería el momento cuando me pusiera de parto y cuando llegó me sorprendió la tranquilidad , después de los nervios que había pasado , con la que lo afronté.

pasito a pasito maleta bebes

I chose this suitcase from Pasito to Pasito to go to the hospital , I found the perfect option for the size in addition to having an ideal print !!

Para llevar todo lo necesario al hospital para mi bebé elegí esta maleta de Pasito a Pasito , me pareció la opción perfecta por el tamaño además de tener un print ideal!!

Here you go what´s in my Hospital baby bag

Os dejo todo lo necesario que hay que llevar al hospital para el bebé:

Cuatro bodies de manga larga y dos de manga corta

4 vest/ 2 Short Sleeves 

Tres pijamas / 3 Sleepsuits 

Un outfit para salir del hospital / Baby 1st outfit

Una manta/ 1 Blanket

Muselinas / Muslins 

Pañales y Toallitas / Nappies and wipes 

Chupetes / Pacifiers 

Set de higiene: corta uñas , lima , peine / Beauty baby set

pasito a pasito bebes

What´s necessary to go to the hospital depends on the type of hospital in which it is going to give birth and the country. In my case, when giving birth in the UK, my bag is more complete because at hospitals they don’t give you anything necessary for the baby.

Lo necesario para ir al hospital depende del tipo de hospital en el que se vaya a dar a luz y el país . En mi caso , al dar a luz en Reino Unido , mi bolsa es más completa porque en los hospitales no te dan nada de lo necesario para el bebé.